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Shepard Smith needs to GO.He is out of control.

He needs to join CNN or MSNBC. FOX is better than this. I will never watch his show again. I have watched his show since he came to Fox.

I always knew he was liberal and I was ok with that because he wasn't rude and unprofessional. Fox needs to seriously consider letting him go. He no longer reports an unbiased view to his watchers. Also since he CAME OUT of the closet he has changed.

I knew he was ***. Why do gays want the whole world to know?

No one CARES about your sexual preferences except the radical *** LEFT.They need to focus on the world's real problems and stop obsessing on their genitals.

Review about: Fox News Shepard Smith Reporting Tv Show.

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I didn't like: Shepard smith.

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I cannot watch Shepard Smith anymore.He doesn't even try to hide his disdain for President Trump anymore.

He should look in a mirror when he is talking, as he has the "stankface" to go along with his rhetoric. Where does Fox News draw the line on its anchors?

I enjoy hearing the liberal view on these shows, but usually as a guest and not the host of the show.Bye Shep!


I agree Shepard Smith needs to go...his commentary is sooo slanted to the left and does not work with FOX News general programming.

I assume Fox is reluctant to fire him now since he went public that he is openly ***.I really could care less if he is ***, but do not appreciate his liberal views and needs to go to CNN or MSNBC, etc.


Shep is a loony mentally ill degenerate liberal.


Shepard Smith Reporting is good, When Shepard Smith isn't there


Shep is in the tank for the liberals, and Fox News should fire him. Fox News needs to go back to being conservative.


can't stand Shepard Smith-Never liked him since I started watching Fox News. Can't stand the little digs he always makes.

Woodbury, Tennessee, United States #1349738

Agree.Don't care if he is ***.

That's his business. He needs to come out of the closet about being a liberal.

We already have enough liberals pretending to give us the news.Give him an opinion show so he can be honest about his viewpoint.


Shepard Smith is the most negative commentator on Fox News.He continually tries to spin his own opinion of a news release by continually interjecting hypothetical remarks, without knowing

the whole story.

Fox gets rid of O'Rielly, and keeps Smith.

That's letting the dog wag the tail.I hope

somebody on Network TV offers him a deal he can't refuse


I agree with you blair9099 he needs to leave fox.First I don't care if he is *** or If he wants to be liberal that's fine and I don't care if he wants to publicize his biased opinion that's fine too but, not on fox news when his opinion is quite the opposite of the fox viewers.

We watch fox news for news, not mainstream media's fake news.There is a place for him to be, but it's not on the fox channel.

Mesa, Arizona, United States #1290128

Want some cheese with that whine?

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