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Shepard Smith needs to GO. He is out of control.

He needs to join CNN or MSNBC. FOX is better than this. I will never watch his show again. I have watched his show since he came to Fox.

I always knew he was liberal and I was ok with that because he wasn't rude and unprofessional. Fox needs to seriously consider letting him go. He no longer reports an unbiased view to his watchers. Also since he CAME OUT of the closet he has changed.

I knew he was ***. Why do gays want the whole world to know?

No one CARES about your sexual preferences except the radical *** LEFT. They need to focus on the world's real problems and stop obsessing on their genitals.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Shepard Smith Reporting Tv Show.

I didn't like: Shepard smith.

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Shepard has the respect of anyone who is a journalist. His job is to give factual information and he has always done just that.

Under every President he has stated facts. Fox News viewers dislike him now because the currant President lies a lot. Fox News as a media network has had to go on record and say during the day it is real news and in primetime it is opinion spinning and not to be taken as real journalism news backed up by facts. That is why Shepard in his one hour of day-time journalism has to contradict his own network.

Don't blame him for that. It's his job!


It's not his message, but the way it's delivered that comes across with a smirk and hauteur that is insufferable!


I can't stand this person, or who ever it is.....AKA Shepard Smith....what arrogance... Lets all get together and seek Diamond and Silk to replace his hour.... More entertaining, more truth, objective, funny, brilliant and watch the rating go thru the roof!


I do not like his slant on news he should apply to CNN He would fit right in with the liberal’s. Changing the channel for the next hour. The only show on Fox that I don’t like.


Get out! Your logic is baffling me to idiotic confusion.


I agree


I think shepherd smith should move to CNN he would fit right in


I couldn't agree more, I have to change the channel, everyone knew he was *** and no one really cared, because he was a reporter of news, but now that he sounds like the left CNN and maybe worse, I switch the channel, he has so much hate for Trump he can barely stand it. Why is Fox forcing us to listen to his liberal garbage, it is not because he is *** is the problem, is because he is a jerk, the only rest we get from far left crap is Fox, and we can't escape it there either, I am amazed that the liberals like Juan Williams doesn't realize how stupid he sounds when he is surrounded by conservatives, that goes for Maria Harf and the others, that is why there is only one of them, it proves the others points,


Shepard Smith, I call BS on your reporting. Why do you stay on Fox?

You need to head on over to CNN or MSNBC. I think you are a disgrace to Fox.

Any why is there not a "comment" section on your Facebook page? Guess you don't want the negative comments.


Just turned off the TV, again. Shepherd Smith was at it, again.

When will the executives at Fox News get the message that he is an enemy to truth and needs to GO. Get wise executives!! Send Shep somewhere he will be appreciated by his viewers.

He is not appreciated by me nor anyone I know. I will turn Fox News off every time his face appears on my screen.

to Ray #1586754

Agreed, he is a disservice to fair reporting. I’m not watching to hear his opinion based reporting.

It’s obvious where he stands, just report the news unbiased please.

A good journalist is able to do that, he is comprised. Please show him the door


Shep Smith is one of the few honest people on Fox. Not a Trump {{Redacted}} Fox has an audience of white people over 55 that care little for facts. We fact check the Fox people and Smith is most and honest, while the 3 stooges on Fox and Friends the most dishonest.

to Evan Collins #1590149

Shepard needs to speak the facts then leave his drama out of it!

to Anonymous #1591075

He was speaking a fact. If you want to think that is drama you are misinformed.

He was coming to the defense of the guy who gave him his job because people were calling his boss a bigot. It's the only time I ever heard Shepard talk about himself being gay.

to Evan Collins #1592144

Not so fast, I'm black 57 and proud supporter of Trump. I can't stand Shep Smith, reminds me of when Liz Cheny rebuked him doing Hurricane Katrina response in Nawlins.


It seems he relishes in any negative report about Trump . Very hard to take his opinions when he thinks he knows everything. Fox does not need him.


Shep belongs on MSNBC, or CNN.


In 1972, a crack commando unit was sent to prison by a military court for a crime they didn't commit. These men promptly escaped from a maximum-security stockade to the Los Angeles underground.

Today, still wanted by the government, they survive as soldiers of fortune. If you have a problem... if no one else can help... and if you can find them...

maybe you can hire... The A-Team.


Shepard Smith has become obnoxious beyond belief for the past 6-8 months. He gets on a liberal left rant and makes comments one would expect to come from a child. This guy has to go before he takes Fox News with him.

to yeagerrep #1586701

Why is the truth a liberal rant? Calling Trump out for his lies is much needed in this country.

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