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Shepard Smith needs to GO. He is out of control.

He needs to join CNN or MSNBC. FOX is better than this. I will never watch his show again. I have watched his show since he came to Fox.

I always knew he was liberal and I was ok with that because he wasn't rude and unprofessional. Fox needs to seriously consider letting him go. He no longer reports an unbiased view to his watchers. Also since he CAME OUT of the closet he has changed.

I knew he was ***. Why do gays want the whole world to know?

No one CARES about your sexual preferences except the radical *** LEFT. They need to focus on the world's real problems and stop obsessing on their genitals.

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Fox News Cons: Shepard smith.

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Re: Fox 5 NY, Steve Lacy speaks so fast and he interrupts his guests constantly It's rude and annoying. If guests are invited, let them speak without interruptions. He has quite an ego and it's not an attractive quality.


Fox, CNN and MSNBC are pathetic sources of socalled journalism. I mean you'd think you were watching a spoof news program put on by Comedy Central or the Onion.

I sure long for the days when there were likable, professional, no nonsense journalists like Walter Cronkite, Roger Mudd and Eric Severaid, just to name a few, that presented the news, the whole news and nothing but the news, in a dignified rational manner.

The decadence of journalism nowaday's is a disgrace I'm sorry to say. All that we've got now is a high octane drag race between liberal and conservative commentators that neither can be reasonable or professional on the air, Those loud, brash talking heads that have mired journalism, surely would make old Walter, Rodger and Eric shed a tear, or two, if they were still alive.


I have quit watching The Five And will not return to Watch it until Juan Williams is gone. Also I will not watch anything on Fox that has Chris Matthews on it.

He listened to his last biased reporting. It's quite obvious that he does not care for the Right Side of the government. He obnoxious with his reporting and it's obvious how he feels. If I wanted liberal reporting, I'd watch CNN....no thank you.

I will continue watching OAN!

Much more my style. I really do miss Levin, Ingraham, Perrine, and several others.


CNN's Headline News back in the 80's and early 2000's was a class leader in excellent journalism. Lynne Russell was one of the best reporters back then.

CNN was 24 hours of real news. CNN offered no nonsense reporting and had a very professional format; not the full of fluff, and distorted rubbish format so prevelent in today's socalled cable news shows. Several years ago Ted Turner admitted that he was very disappointed with CNN's direction after he sold his CNN franchise. As liberal as Ted Turner is, he ran a top notch news service with the original CNN.

All cable news networks today (including FOX) is an absolute joke. Yes, a joke. I don't watch the news to be "entertained". I don't need to be "lectured" by all of the talking heads with their commentaries based on circulated opinions.

That's not news, it's personal opinions.

It's junk. If there's any mercy left in actually reporting the news, without all the theatrics and nonsense of cable news, and the misrepresentations in reporting found on ABC, CBS and NBC news, then I'll just play it safe and watch my local news channels.


Another thumbs up for you. Great post!

And I couldn't with you more. You might want to check out News Maxx or OAN One America News Network.


I watched him a couple times. He seem whiny.


The only truthful person on Fox news, only time I would watch fox news, can't stand Jessie watters, Laura, Tucker and hannity


So glad he's gone. He'll join up with some liberal network. It's where he belongs.


Shepard Smith was HORRIBLE Everyday I shut off Fox News at 3:00PM. God awful.


LGBTQ, for unknown reasons, is consumed with everyone else knowing their sexual preferences, as though it were a visible uniform all should honor. I, for one, don't care about their life's choices and don't demand that anyone care about mine either.


Perhaps blair needs an oxycodone or three.


I have been e-mailing FOX News several times to get rid of him. Finally today my prayers were answered.

He belongs on a liberal media network as he made so obvious how he detests President Trump with his snide remarks.

Good riddance. Thank you Fox News !!!!!!!


Fox News - the American Pravda.


Shephard Smith is all opinion, hyperbole, and innuendo...he sounds just like CNN. Every time I see him, I turn off FOX NEWS.


You can always count on Shep Smith for an anti Trump histrionic account, eg., the Ukrane deal. Never fair and balanced.


Change the channel for one hour a day when Shepard's show is on.


The fox and fools here live in a bubble of their own making -- news the way they wish it was. Roger Aisles never intended Fox to be a source of integrity or truthful journalism -- it was a cable market segment grab.

I met him when he was hatching his first attempt - the one funded by Pete Coors back in Reagan's primary challenge to Gerald Ford at the Colorado GOP convention in Fort Collins. Y'all got 'marketeered'. Reading this thread, you apparently continue to consume their offal. The "fair and balanced" slogan was brilliant...but calling it NEWS was his great sleight of hand.

You've been targeted and the Murdochs laugh all the way to their bank(s). Wise people question their own beliefs, opinions and sources of information all of their lives. Any of you so virulently opposed to Shep need to read more...especially from sources you don't like or believe.

Respectfully, --the opinions of an Ike-liker, Nixon/Miller, Goldwater drinker, Nixons the One, Ford, Reagan, 41, 43, McCain, even the guy who believes he'll have his own planet when he dies .... but Trumpfov is too much.


Fox news is going down the toilet lately and Shep is one of the big reasons along with Judge Napolitano. In addition, their treatment of Michael Knowles was also disgraceful.

He called out the left for taking advantage of a mentally ill girl (a well documented fact) and using her as a prop/shield against criticism/skepticism that man is the primary cause of climate change. Fox apologizes to Great and terminates their relation Michael.

Fox News is run by pathetic low life cowards these days. I may soon start referring to them as Faux News.


If I want to watch liberal bias, I'll flip to the professionals: msnbc, cnn, abc, cbs, nbc. PLEASE remove Shepard Smith ASAP.


I agree 100%