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I am so sick and tired of Shep Smith incredible left-wing bias in reporting. He was hired by FOX news to be a hard news reporter and NOT a commentator like Hannit andO'Reilly.

FOX is deceiving the public by allowing Shepard Smith to be presented to viewers as a hard news reporter. He nene ever misses an op[portunity to dads haft Donald Trump with his smug ***=eating grin and "in your face" middle finger salute to your conservative viewers every time he opens his mouth. I am sick of him and even more sick of FOX News allowing this smug rat to get away with his. I'm joking the masses in tuning out his program from now on.

It's time for FOX News to pay attention to its viewers who are continually insulted b Shepard Smith biased liberal propganda masquerading as news.

It's long past time for FOX News to faintly fire this *** Shepard Smith. He is genuinely offensive to your viewers.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Shepard Smith Reporting Tv Show.

Reason of review: Left-wing propganda masquerading as news.

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