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What has happened to Sheppard Smith.He is far worse that the liberal channels and obviously has serious problems with President Trump.I can handle opinions but this is quite obvious.I now turn off fox during this hour as i don't believe this is continuing.Basically it has to be seen and heard to believe its a Fox news show..I can turn on any station to hear clear cut bias.I DONT RECALL him being that way ever before.If were reclusing ourselves these days,it might be a good time for him to do the same concerning our President.NOTHING he does according to Sheppard Smith is correct.Why don't we just give him a chance and see how things go before all the ridicule and negativity.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Reporter.

Reason of review: Bad quality.

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He is angry everyday.

Camdenton, Missouri, United States #1302344

Shepard Smith needs to go---I have never heard fox news personal disrespect the president of the united states as much as he does I have gotten to where I don't even watch Fox anymore --- Fair & balanced I don't think so , I can get that kind of *** on the Clinton News Network if I want to hear it .

to Anonymous #1303048

Trump deserves all the disrespect possible.

to Anonymous #1323133

Sir or Ma'am, you are a person after my own heart. That ***-in-chief deserves the absolute most disrespect possible!

Denver, Colorado, United States #1300607

"I now turn off fox during this hour "

What a boring waste of a life you must have to even consider sitting up watching any TV much less Fox News all day.

I'm guessing the other part of your (chuckle)life is spent listening to AM radio.

Hopefully you only have a few more years left on earth before you move on and make room for someone good.

to Anonymous Amsterdam, Noord-Holland, Netherlands #1304155

You are a liberal tard, go back to watching MSNBC!

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