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Why do you have Sheppard Smith on Fox? Some of us are loyal viewers because we can't stomach the extreme radical left, biased, dishonest, fake news main stream media and this clown you have on for an hour a day could be the poster boy for CNN, MSNBC and the rest of them.

He's as much a Trump basher as any of these outlets. I particularly find it beyond annoying when he gets that idiotic smirk on his face as he feels he's graced us with his incredible investigative journalistic prowess and debunked something Trump has said or done, he's usually wrong or way off base. If I didn't know better I'd say he's getting a paycheck from the aforementioned main stream stations. I understand and appreciate having a democrat on a panel type show for balance and debate but this is far from that type of venue.

I can't imagine the ratings are good when he comes on but you lose me for at least an hour a day because of it and I've heard the same from many other like minded viewers.

Thank you. Alan

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Reporter.

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I couldn't agree more about the comments' about Sheppard Smith.The guy is doing the same thing as CNN which is injecting HIS opinion into the conversation not reporting the facts.One would think that maybe he is pissed that it he is the only one on your network who has not scored an interview with the President.


As usual Shepard Smith with his smirks and pompous news reporting that the mop coming to our borders is all innocent women and children?? Shep look at your station news reels, 90% are males age 20-40 yrs old.

10% women and children. I normally will turn off Fox News for your hour and if they don't terminate you soon I will turn off Fox News completely. One question Shep- why do you work for Fox News? Won't anyone else hire you?

You always have your personal opinions (that nobody wants to hear due to no respect for you). Move Shep on or move out!!!!!!


Right On!


I just heard the super lib Shepard Smith lie again He just stared in no uncertain terms that President Trump is behind a coverup of the mutder if the Brother Hood supposed ‘reporter ‘ for the Post Do you stand behind Smith’s constant lies. I know you give him special dispensation because of his personal life.

But it’s just not fair and makes your integrity questionable. Than you Dallas Jackson