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To Whom it may concern: I hope this message gets to the CEO or owners of FOX News. I have about had enough of the bias comments from your own Sheppard Smith about our President  Trump.

There is never a positive attitude or comment about the President coming from this man. Your programs are supposed to be "fair and balanced". Smith portrays a kid in a candy store that can't wait to lick his chops to grind something in the ground that tears Mr. Trump down.

He is always taking the opposite side of the conversation to let you know his personal feelings and not a fair assessment of each comment. I have begin to change channels to a relaxing movie or another article that helps me bypass his segment on your news channel. I have quit listening to all the major news outlets and I rank him among all of them. You have some very good reporters and he is not one of them.

He is out of control and actually shows his hatred of Mr. Trump every time he broadcast about him. The President is not without faults and he has a lot of attackers and my evaluation of Smith is he adds to his miseries. I know he's been with Fox a number of years, but this Trump thing has turned him into a hater.

You have let others go for far less why is he still working for news. I would appreciate a comment back as your response to this frustration that not only I have but thousands more feel the same way.

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Shepard Smith Reporting Tv Show.

Reason of review: Bias Reporter-Sheppard Smith.

Preferred solution: Fire Him..

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shep has got to go

Virginia, United States #1313063

Shepard smith belongs on cnn......I don't watch your show whenever that Assclown comes're letting Shepard cut down your viewership..


Denver, Colorado, United States #1309032

"Smith’s persistent fact-mongering has made him persona non grata among some parts of the Fox News faithful, in an echo of the hostile reaction to former "

Look son, Fox cares nothing for you or the other lemmings who have nothing else to do but watch TV.

You will continue to sit there and do as you're told while your wives are out looking for real men like Shep Smith.

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