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Getting so tired of listening to Shepard bashing Trump...makes himself sound like a real crybaby and I turn him off everytime ....if he wants to support raciest lying corrupt liberals let him get a job on another station..hes the only one I have ever had a complaint would be nice to get O"Rilley back he may not have agreed all the time but at least he didn't sound like a p***y...tell him to do himself a favor and look into the democrats really look and he would be shocked...or give him a 3AM timeslot I should be sleeping by then

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Please get rid of Shepard Smith. Can't stand listening to him.

I guess he is your "balanced" guy, but he rolls his eyes about Trump and is so unprofessional. You can do better Fox.

He pauses constantly for emphasis and is just annoying. Your other balanced people are fine...just have to change the channel when he comes on.


Please fire Shep Smith! I have to watch OAN until he is done.

Trace Gallagher is much better!

I have been saying this for a long time but evidently. FOX doesn't listen to viewer oppinion.



Old "snowflake" doesn't like to hear opposite opinions.

He wants to be spoon fed what he likes while it soils its depends while cursing the lift chair that no longer works.

to Anonymous #1423117

I can't wait until 2020 and Trump whens the re-election, just to see the disappointed look on on a POS, liberal, like yourself, will bring a smile to my face.

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