I am not a racist, but we have things happening that are unexpected. We have homegrown terrorist stating on camera that they aren't bringing a sign to a gun fight (protesting) then state they are x military and a good shot, then black Americans want Texas WHAT!

INDIANS HAVE LAND, because we took their land. Now they are given their own gun NWWAGA gun association .,Not to mention that a group of black people went to the suburbs and took a family from their home and executed the entire family. I can go on and on but this is not equality this is terrorism and it needs to stop. Then Joe Biden pays for the release of these people that state they are going to take down America.

Really Joe Biden.

I am sick to my stomach with what we are allowing protesters to do. I would gladly start the conversation because no one is every body thinks someone else will do it and now look where we are this needs to stop.

Location: Houston, Texas

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