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If I wanted to watch commercials, I'd dvr a Super Bowl game. Fox news is literally 60 % or more commercials.

And the teases are ridiculous. 45 seconds of a news headline followed by 4 minutes of more ****commercials. And more of the same all day long. And P.S.

Hannity, please shut up and let your guests talk. Gregg Jarrett and Mark Levin have more intelligence in their little toe than your interrupting brain has. Heart is in the right place but let others talk. If you are talking to an idiot, let the idiot talk and dig his own grave, if you are talking to an intelligent guest, be quiet and let your viewers learn something.

I hope this helps. but I doubt anyone @ fox is listening.

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Agreed! Fox News has way too many commericals.

For example, Fox shows that phony New Day USA commmrical three times within the same hour. Another annoying commerical I stand more than any thing is that God awfull my pillow commerical. I guess the only commerical I can tolerate the William Devane Gold commerical. Every year its always the same commericals over and over!

Another thing I can't stand. When Fox gets ready for commerical break.

They pan the camera around the studio and some times they act like they are getting ready for a commerical break and than they don't. By the way, good review.

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