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Please Send this to Sarri Bergi VP FOX NEWS

In the last couple days Neil Cavuto has had Generl Honorae on his program 2 days to discuss the Coronovirus problem. Both times Vavuto breaks out laugh and mocking the General while he is presenting his case.

The truth is that Cavuto is a wise guy and a AH and an unbrearable egotist.

During his show Cavuto has the worst presentation of about any on the air, including MSNBC and CNN. His elocution is lousy and he mumbles as if he had marbles in his mouth. Further he talks too fast and most of what he says has no impact. We have listened to this guy for too long and will tune him out in the future.

Further we will not buy any product advertised during his show (as soon as we can compile proper addressing we will send this same message advertisers on his show. Do yourself get mumbles Cavuto a job other than live broadcasting.

Furthemore Cavuto tries to pass himself off as a financial expert and he falls dangerously short of that.

You have Martha MacCaullum, Harris Faulkner and 2 of her show participants, "big John" at the White House, Laura Engraham, Howard Kurtz, Sean Hannity, etc. all top notch presenters that could do Cavuto's spot hands down! COME ON GIVE US A BREAK AND GET MUMBLES CAVUTO A DESK JOB SOMEWHERE.

Why don't you turn on Cavuto and listen to his messy mumles presentation.

Give us a break!

I have emailed you station several times about this matter. My next email will go to Rupert Murdoch

Product or Service Mentioned: Fox News Reporter.

Location: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

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who the *** is Cavuto to stop a press conference about election fraud? Why did he NEVER stop any show interruptions of democrats?

What about Shifty Schiff stating that he had EVIDENCE of collusion with russia? Fox used to be a reliable news organization, NOT ANYMORE. They are right there with cnn, msnbc and all the other biased news media. Fox suspends Judge Pirro for defending Trump and speaking the truth.

Yet the keep some left wing nut like juan williams who doesn't know his *** from *** in the ground spew hate towards Trump and he is NEVER suspended. I, like many, ARE DONE WATCHING FOX NEWS.

Williams needs to move over to Rachel MadCow and they can live happily ever after. And take Cavuto, Wallace, Brazil, Turlov, kurtz with him.

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