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Fox Network has been my # 1 channel since it has aired. However, I have a change of heart since you pulled the plug on Judge Jeannine. I find it a very gutless (Democrat like) action. You literally threw her under the bus. I enjoy other Fox hosts (not as much as Judge Jeannine), however, I'm considering cutting the cord on Fox Period!

Adding Former Speaker Paul Ryan to the Board is also a large negative. He accomplished nothing in the House. and absolutely nothing as the Speaker of the House.

He is the typical political "ballwasher", in it for Paul. He is loyal only to Paul Ryan, he has a small man's complex and has been on one continual " ego power trip. I'm disappointed to see you take the path of least resistance. Shortly you will be no different than your lousy competitors, I think you are there now! You used to offer a good product but each move over the past 2-3 years has weakened your standing in the news world.. Your difference, character, professionalism and integrity once set you apart, your looking more like the competition.

You've gotten soft and complacent. Americans would like to think you would stand behind your employees, we don't see that happening!!! We think we need to adopt Fox News standards and practices, move on, throw you under the bus and find other avenues and sources for our news source.

Frederick B. Kauffmann

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FoxNews is no longer a reliable source for unbiased news. Best to get your news from the internet and stop wasting time watching FoxNews.

There are literally thousands of websites offering news from around the world. When Roger Ailes left, it sounded the death knell for FoxNews.