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I received a e-mail from a christine Meyers a Fox News Rep stating that she highly recommended the HCG Product , After reading what she had to say i felt that it was legit.So on the same blog i ordered the HCG product.

Authorized my Credit card for $99.00 Shipping free. A week later i received the the package from a Fullfillmet cent out of Utah for paper work inside only 2 bottles of ???HCG no info or data and no return info nor telephone no address.

I want to send it back as it is not what i ordered and what wasa told to me, this ia a scam and you are a part of it.Ms, Aileen Arledge

Monetary Loss: $115.

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Did you know that Kevin Trudeau is still trying to sell get thin quick pills?

Did you know that Americans want a method to lose weight that only requires swallowing pills?

Do you believe everything you read?


Just call your credit card 800 number and cancel the payment.It's easy since even the credit card company can't get a hold on these "fake" people.

So the refund is fast.5 minutes chat on the phone and you will get your money back next day.


I also thought it was a scam but I received my ultra drops


People who respond to spam and even send them money deserve to learn the lesson by losing out.


I simply cancelled my card and hsbc fraud squad gave me back my money, will be more careful next time :grin


Next time do a search in Google "christine meyer raspberry" or whatever the name is.Then look at the link, does it look "right"?

Mine looks unidentifiable: "e2-92.net/vxnvprberry1web441abis-dummy".

Third, you should know it is only half true anyway if it is coming from fox and last but most important (seriously!), never give your credit card number to companies you don't know, especially if they are from Utah!(They are second only to Florida for scam artists.) BTW, I live in Utah.


The 3 main flags was the "Add Comment" wasn't clickable, the 2nd the product was listed as FDA Compliant which is a gross lie, & 3rd the picture with "Christine Meyer" didn't coincide with Fox 32 news because the microphone didn't have their Fox logo on it. You should visit fdsp.my90forlife.com where we are transparent in what we do to help people become healthier and fighting Big Pharma.


The raspberry ultra drops from fox is scam I want my money back!! I'm sooo upset !!


Obvious scam. As PJ said, the links are dead, or when they do work they link back to the page you're currently on. Furthermore, all of the references are dead ends. Not to mention the time captured and totally fake comments at the bottom. The times never change. The top ones will always read 'written 12 minutes ago'. Not to mention you can't leave a message of your own.

All of these are warning signs of a scam site.

Oldcarguy: Fox has absolutely zip to do with this. They have no obligation to stop it. It simply needs to be reported to the scam sites. Slowly the word will get out and this scammer will stop getting funds from it.


Guys, this lady is a FAKE Fox News reporter.She does not work for Fox News.

Fox News has nothing to do with this product. Go to the REAL www.foxnews.com and search for "Christine Meyers". There are zero search results. If she were a contributor, there would be several search results.

If you were given a link to a page that looks like Fox News, just click anywhere on it....say, on the tab that reads "entertainment" or "travel". Where does it bring you? To an order page? Does the real www.foxnews.com website do this?

Clearly whoever is behind this scam has disdain towards Fox News and was hoping people would turn their anger towards Fox News.Fox, too, has been scammed!

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